Mutraco Service

Bureau of International Forwarding

High quality forwarding services, handling of your LCL/partial loads cargo, full loads and containerized cargo, consolidations, oversize and project cargo. Best support at: supply planning, export and import documentation, transport risks insurance, supply contracts negotiations, and many others in your request.

Top quality service and attractive prices makes us outstanding.
You are welcome to try it with us.

It makes us outstanding

First thing we consider when handling your cargo is security of its physical conditions and legal terms of carriage. Rational and attractive price comes next.

Direct cooperation with land, ocean carriers and cargo terminals enable us to follow up market situation and new transport solutions being introduced and changing almost everyday.

Over 15 years of experience in forwarding business and services as well as tax documentation and accounting services is also certified by legal governmental authorities to ensure about our professional skills, fairness and reliability.  

It is also provided

  • professional performance of forwarding services
  • insurance protection as per customer unique needs
  • attractive prices for services in package
  • individual attitude and personal engagement in securing your goods on the way to the right place and in time

Why to trust us?

  • forwarding companies are one of sources of new ideas and transport solutions developed in response to individual needs of customers and based on accumulated knowledge and experience of small and big business organizations
  • our bureau of international forwarding can easily be used as logistics department of your own
  • you receive individual solution and services for your specified needs and terms of cooperation

Air Transport

Transport by airplanes is considered currently as the fastest and most transit time reliable means to move goods for a long distance. However it is very much limited by high costs of fuel and small dimensions of cargo pieces accepted.

Land Transport

Trucks and rail are basic means of transport when small and medium distance is considered. Basic advantages are easy access, diversity of technical solutions for different cargo types, short transit times and direct routings.

Sea Transport

Waterways are the most economic routs of transport in terms of final price per item and environmental costs of pollutions. It enables also the easiest way of moving big size elements and mass cargo supplies.

Optimum solution

Never-ending process of innovations - these big ones of technological nature and those smaller ones, in organization, based on daily experience - creates better global economy solutions and thus also in transport. Just tell us what you need.

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